The Secret to Marketing and Sales is Exclusivity

Secret to Marketing and SalesIt took me a while to realize this to be honest and after careful observations, I finally conclude that exclusivity breeds money! There is no doubt about it after I have seen results and have gathered enough information and evidence from this matter. At first, it seems like it is not the case because we are all under the impression that the public craves for something that is available for mass consumption. That part is true and most of those things that the public craves for are just called “freebies.” But if you want to talk about real money, the same people who would like stuff for free are most likely willing to pay thousands of dollars for an item.

This is really amazing once you have deciphered it. Why do people love exclusivity (especially women by the way)?

1.The feeling of being accepted. Most if not all people get involve into something exclusive because they crave for acceptance. If you get to provide it to them, then you instantly win their attention.

2.The drama. This doesn’t apply to all but most of these people love the drama of being part of something or being just among the few people who can own something that is not for everybody.

3.The feeling of being special. Marriage is the best example for this thing and I couldn’t be more right about it. As soon as your prospects or customers started treating your products and services like marriage or they’re like married to it, you know that you are doing things right.

4.Prestige. This is quite the obvious reason actually. This is why we have VIPs and exclusive cards and membership in this world. It is all about prestige even when most people would deny it. I see it. But there’s really nothing wrong to want prestige and actually have it. This just means your taste for quality is not mediocre and you know exactly your value and the cost of living a good and quality life.

How could you incorporate exclusivity in your business?

1.Treat it like a relationship. Make your prospective clients want to be with you and you alone.

2.Take care of your clients. The more they feel special, the more they would want to be a part of your world. It may sound funny, but I’m not kidding because this is so effective!

3.Be sincere. Just like in relationships, you can’t fake your caring and intention to please people. They would see right through it. Make sure that your motives to care for them and their well-being is actually genuine.

I’ll be sharing more marketing tips in the near future, so stick around. These are just among the secrets and tips that I would want my readers to know. Being an online entrepreneur, I have been doing the legwork on researching and studying effective marketing. I hope you guys learn from it and gain success on your business with my tips as well.