Social Networking Secrets You Must Know To Improve Your Web Traffic

Social Networking Secrets You Must Know To Improve Your Web TrafficI’m feeling so generous today in giving you some vital information on how you could improve your web traffic and you would be surprised on the power that social networks hold when it comes to this topic. If you are using Facebook and Twitter just to post random stuff in your head and sharing it to your friends, without actually gaining anything from it (except probably judgment from those who read it), then you are using your social networking sites wrong. If you would realize that every post your make could actually mean money, then you would completely treat posting on Facebook and tweeting on Twitter differently this time.

And yes, I’m here to share with you some secrets on how you could improve your web traffic simply by using Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.

1.Back Links– this is actually a little bit of a sneaky move, but it’s still subtle and it is totally not a black hat kind of thing. (Black Hat means acts online that are prohibited by the Google gods). All you need to do is to make sure that your website link is placed somewhere on your social media like it could be on the bio section or the “About Me” section.

2.Keep It Interesting– make every post or tweet count. Don’t just post or upload for the sake of posting. Make sure it is with quality. Make sure that it relates with your brand. Don’t just post like it’s a personal account. This means don’t post as if you’re one of those people who just rant on their social media and telling people what they ate for lunch or dinner that day. Make it relevant. Every character and energy on posting it counts!

3.Element of Surprise– give people something to look forward to. Although this is kind of something that you must do only if you have already gained a lot of followers. But for starters, post some good teasers for prospective clients or customers to be excited about.

4.Make it Interactive– ask some interesting questions that you think people on your network would want to answer.
Post Videos- your network would want to see more moving pictures on your post because for some reason that would also make them even more believe that you are and your business real.

5.Never Spam– this is important and you MUST not forget this one. Spamming your feed would only result to annoyed people and you won’t gain some good online reputation. There is even a huge possibility that people would block you. In whatever you do, tread carefully and make sure that you are not spamming your network’s feeds.

Use these tips carefully and I can guarantee you to get results in no time. But okay, realistically it won’t happen overnight. Although it is really possible that your post could go viral depending on the quality of content that you post.

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