PR Training

PR & Media Training for SEO Professionals

SEO PR Training offers PR training for SEO people tailored to customers’ requirements.

These PR (public relations) training courses aim to give SEO people a solid grounding in the basics of PR, and the SEO/PR crossover skills, enabling them to incorporate elements of PR practise within their current SEO operations, or to properly brief a PR consultancy – within the bounds of acceptable practise.

Importantly, the training will help SEO consultancies add far more value on behalf of clients, such as learning how to approach traditional and online media for content placement of various types (therefore creating link development and citation opportunities from high quality media properties), creating more professional copy, or discovering the PR tools of the trade such as media contact databases and satellite (newswire) distribution services for global message dissemination – as well as more creative tactics.

The training is offered in two ways:

Bespoke PR Training

Tailored PR training at client (or hired) premises. Likely to appeal to agencies with numerous SEO practitioners to train, or those who want to cross-train senior staff with a view to leveraging additional quality services.

Public PR Training

More generic PR training (although every effort will be made to tailor content to meet specific needs of participants). Likely to appeal to in-house SEO practitioners and freelance consultants.

Who is the training for?

  • SEO agency directors and senior SEO staffers wanting to define offerings for clients
  • SEO account handlers needing a better understanding of PR for improving their SEO campaigns
  • SEO people whose clients employ PR agencies
  • Agencies determined to improve their service to customers

Course trainers:

Lead trainer: Claire Thompson

Supported by: Nichola Stott

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