About Us

SEO PR Training LTD, a company registered in England; was founded at the end of 2010 by two successful businesswomen, Claire Thompson and Nichola Stott. Calling upon their experiences as PR (public relations) specialist and SEO expert respectively, it offers cross –discipline training.

The training is bespoke, tailored to customer requirements, and can be delivered at customer premises or an offsite location. There are plans to introduce fixed date courses in 2011.

It meets a powerful need for cross-discipline expertise to best meet the needs of clients.

SEO Training for PR people

It can be hard for PR people to know where to turn for good advice, and to recognise good from bad in the advice on offer. Add a huge dose of jargon and geek speak, and SEO can seem like a black art engaged on slightly shady practise.

Depending on client needs, course attendees should go away either fit to undertake basic SEO work themselves, or able to effectively brief or work with an SEO specialist – leaving them better able to enhance and protect clients’ brand reputation.

PR Training for SEO People

SEO expertise comes in many shapes and sizes, and understanding of PR is, at best, patchy. Depending on client needs, course attendees should find themselves able to undertake basic PR work themselves, or able to instruct PR consultants on their needs and expectations. In either case, they will be able to think more strategically at the end of the course, offering better protection to clients’ long-term well-being and brand protection.

At a glance facts about SEO PR Training:

The company is headquartered in Hampshire, but its trainers will travel to customer sites;
The founding partners deliver training themselves (no outsourcing);
Core values – training should be fun, interactive, engaging and immediately useful and usable