Me ‘n you at A4U

Affiliate and Performance Marketing Conference

Yeah, yeah, we hear you. Of all the people in the World, we should be ‘dog fooding’: practising what we preach, and PR-ing and SEO-ing what we do. Sorry – we’ve been very bad bloggers. It’s been madness around here!

So after a period of ‘radio silence’ we’re back with a vengeance, and we’re looking forward to running clinics at a4u, Affiliate and Performance Marketing Conference & Exhibition in London, 18th – 19th October 2011.

To succeed as an affiliate in today’s climate needs businesses to genuinely add value, have a USP and offer a point of difference from both competitors and merchants.

So SEO PR Training will be on hand at A4U to offer advice and guidance in defining ‘what makes you special?” and how to market this using combined PR and SEO techniques, so that you can increase your brand exposure and improve your SEO performance.

It’s always rewarding to think you can make a big difference, so we’re excited that we’ll be there, and will be on tap for clinics as follows:

October 18, 2011– Claire’s Clinic The PR focus: How can I find or create an interesting story about my business? How can I communicate this to the right media? How do I find these media and how best to approach them? Tips on writing a good press release.

October 18, 2011– Nichola’s Clinic – The SEO Focus: What makes a story linkworthy and to whom? What are the SEO factors I need to know about when writing press releases or positioning online media coverage? Where should my link be? What are the anchor text considerations? What are the pitfalls to be aware of? What if I get someone to cover a story and there’s no link?!!!

October 19, 2011– Claire and Nichola – PR SEO clinic: Combined expertise from PR and SEO specialists: advice on defining what makes you special, positioning this to quality online sources; and the key SEO considerations to ensure you get the joint benefits from both brand exposure and search engine benefits.

And if you’re reading this and want to attend, but haven’t already got your ticket, the code SEOPR10 will earn you a 10% discount.

See you there?

Twitter hashtag for event #a4uexpo


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