• SEO PR Training does what it says on the box: online PR training for SEO (search engine optimization) professionals, and SEO training for PR professionals.

    Offered by experts in their respective fields, with considerable input from both sides, SEO PR Training delivers bespoke development courses, tailored to meet the needs of the agencies it works with.

  • SEO Training for PR people sets out to offer PR professionals an insight into how to positively affect their clients' SEO work by making clever use of online PR tactics. It will typically look at look at online marketing in its wider context, offering participants practical skills, immediately usable in the context of their own practice.

    Even agencies already undertaking elements of digital PR should find this cross over training informative and helpful in a practical, day to day way.

  • PR Training for SEO people expands SEO professionals' skills to basic on-line PR tactics. This digital PR 'crossover' training offers candidates immediate practical help and advice expected to be of immediate benefit to both SEO agencies and their clients.

    It will also offer an insight into how to best to work with clients' PR consultancies, and what to expect –even demand – of them.

SEO Training for PR professionals. PR Training for SEO professionals. Cross-skills for online marketing excellence.

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Our Training Approach

Training only works when it's both useful and engaging.

SEO PR training consults with customers before delivering courses to agree 'learning outcomes'. By understanding what the customer wants to achieve, training can be tailored to ensure that participants learn what they need to learn rather dry, academic 'information stuffing'.

Whilst some technical information is, by its very nature, 'show and tell', this is kept to an absolute minimum. SEO PR's trainers won't let candidates fall asleep at the back: the courses are interactive, fun and relevant to the learners and appeal to a variety of learning styles.

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What is PR?

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